exploitation games • Well, I knew someone would do this sooner or later – I have been mumbling about a central book/map lost and found site for ages now, even thought the ABAA has a perfectly good one, that just isn’t slick, user friendly. . . and overly marketed. The folks at Fides Consulting Inc. have decided to exploit the breach in our walls by inventing a shiny shiny lost and found property website – Provenanced.com [which by the way IS NOT A FREAKING REAL WORD!! ‘provenance’ is a NOUN ya pinheads.] Someone finally found a way to capitalize on the hideous losses that our libraries and institutions have been continually suffering. Hey, if it works great if each and every library, institutions, collector, bookseller and law enforcement agencies want to jump onboard it might work. But that sounds a lot like herding cats – which is something I know about. In case you are wondering, not it’s not free, nothing on the site is “Hey, lets rub some salt in that wound shall we?” I can hear the NON book trades people now. . . . “why should we provide a site for free? How can we GIVE all this time and effort for FREE?” well…leaving aside that it’s the ‘RIGHT FUCKING THING TO DO’, we can move on to a radical idea of sponsorship, what we need is a central FREE service that is sponsored gratis by a larger organization..that’s a lot like the Stolen Book database at the ABAA site…hey..wait a minute . . .

worth hearing • from NPR – Lynn Neary reports on how new translations of War and Peace’ sparks a literary skirmish.

blog of note • Rag and Bone blog features works by typographic artist/ sign painter Tauba Auerbach.

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