freebies • remember when i wrote about FREE faxing services? [I have since moved up to, which is a pretty cheap service to send and receive faxes as email attachments – and NO it’s not cheaper then buying a fax machine, as I would have to pay for a land line to plug it in] Well today I found out there are FREE voicemail numbers at – yeah there are probably more services out there, I just never thought to look.

I’m still trying to think of an immediate use for it. I suppose like the one the Animal Shelter pays ATT for – folks call in, various people pick up the messages from various locales. And since the messages are saved electronically online, you can embedded them in webpages hmmm… I think i found my answer. If you are an ebayers or bookseller who hides your identity cause you’re afraid want to put your phone number online? well you can have phone posted online number that actually works.

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