stupid human tricks • ok, so this 25 yr old teacher slash football coach is being charged because the high school AP reading list, (chosen by all the dept staff, mind you) contained Cormac McCarthy’s worst novel and it just so happens one student actually read it and his parent’s freaked out. To be fair the novel contains necrophilia and pedophilia, topics which should be reserved for broadcast tv after 9 PM. But seriously folks PROSECUTING a teacher because a student read a book? when did that become a matter of course? and the whole infantilization of our society has got to stop…..we thought America was retard before because the rest of the world is better educated than we are, but seriously now we are becoming no better then they religious zealots who want to keep their population stupid, and docile. Do we really want to relive the 12th century? seems to me – evolution is supposed to go FORWARD.

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