When it rains it pours, most of last week I had nearly no orders – this weekend, I have had quite a few . . . but the corollary to selling stuff is you have to spend a lot of the money you just made buying MORE stuff to replaced the previous stuff. So work work work pack pack pack ship ship ship then sit and ponder whom to pay first. Usually I start with the utility most likely to be shut off, then any person I owe money to, then I buy books and stock, and then dear old Erasmus B Dragon – I buy food and shelter.

cool tools • Firefox is my browser of choice, and these days I am driving mostly open source software a lot fewer headaches in the long run. There is an addon to Firefox called Grocery List Generator, which despite its name – can be hacked for other purposes. just delete the few items and categories it comes with and add your own. The button sits on the tool bar and allows you to keep a list as you go. So, besides groceries, I have things such as Errands – bank, Errands – gas, then things I need to do online etc…. and every day or so I print out my list and take it with me. And believe me I have been having a lot more senior moments then I used to, one afternoon spent dragging my mother around and I am likely to forget my name or where I live. Anyways, I found it’s a nice add on.

banktoasters • If you HAVEN’T tried Open Source software you are missing out. Firefox is a great browser, Thunderbird is an email program, Seamonkey is a large featured browser with an idiot proof webpage creator as well as feed reader etc…and those are just the Mozilla products. There are quite a number of Open Source programs out there now (usually free and usually work better than store bought) I would not want to work without Filezilla for file transferring. There is even something that does the job of Photoshop – Gimp.

I run most of these softwares on my PC and ALL of them on my laptop, where the keyboard has finally given up the ghost, the ‘O’ has gone the way of the ‘R’ and the ‘G’ and the Shift-Key. So in case of accident, I spent last night cleaning it’s brain. I ordered a keyboard off ebay, but when I send it to the shop to have it swapped out, I don’t want to find I have lost anything vital.

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