At first i thought i was self imposed writer’s block as sometimes the blog feedback i get is negative and it sends me into a fit of depression. and there are still a lot of things in my to-do-queue. but something is whacked about my hands. the knuckles on both hands are sore and a bit swollen – it feels like i have been toting bowling balls around with them. I have been typing a bit more than normal, but it’s getting harder and harder to use all 10 fingers – I’m down to using about 4. what does carpal tunnel syndrome feel like? i always thought it was a wrist thing.

and in case you are wondering – yes i did have the heat turned on, New England has slipped over into true autumn, and except for a few hours when the sun is high, it’s ‘nippy’ out there. Entering books and orders in to the PC may be getting a little difficult, but picking them up is down right hard. God forbid I try washing glassware or dusting something fragile . . .wait wait dusting, washing? who am I kidding?

Not too bad for 2 thumbs, right hand index and little finger – the trackball is just out of the question.

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