In the fourth round of my struggle against the amorphous blob that is the USPS, one post office claims that I can no longer hand 1st class international packages with postage to my carrier, and a completely different post office claims I still can. I called customer relations for my area, and a woman named Kim read me an interoffice memo ‘not for circulation’ that basically states that the carrier cannot take ‘ANONYMOUS’ international mail with stamps from a postal customer even if face to face. Mind you I clearly heard the word ‘anonymous’ in that phrase. But even after pointing it out and repeating it to her, she did not. The intent of the rule is to keep faceless al queda members from mailing salt water taffy home. But since I know my postal carrier and he knows me, the ‘anonymous’ part should be kinda moot, no?

Anyway since I like a good fight or a bad one for that matter, I am gonna keep trolling up the food chain looking for people to pester, until they admit that I am right and they aren’t.

On the lighter side of things, my mother set fire to her microwave today, well actually it was the Hot Pocket IN the microwave that had been on fire. I dunno, I showed up after the fact when she was merrily scrubbing the inside of the mic, while the house was still completely filled with noxious smoke. I opened the doors and some windows and while I was setting up fans to remove the smoke, she started closing them again. All the while she is bitching and moaning that nobody loves her and her children are useless yatta yatta yatta and the microwave we bought her is too big because she couldn’t carry it outside. Despite this I removed all traces of her bonfire including the smells and fed her some pork pies. I think I want a drink now.

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