birthday snows

The next person who asks me if I did anything special for my birthday is gonna get body checked in the wall. Now, I may not be a religious sort, but I do believe the universe has a seriously sick sense of humor and I for one am not going to taunt it by doing something stupid when I should be keeping my head down. Today was just like any other day, clean litter boxes, ship orders, catalog books, shovel 16″ of heavy wet packed snow because the plow guy still hasn’t come, the tenants can’t make it into the parking lot and my mother tripped over her cat and may or may not need an ambulance . . .see? just an ordinary day at the ass end of the universe. Well, I did get a couple of birthday calls, one from the dealer with whom I would have gone book shopping, if the world hadn’t broken out in white-out, and the other from my brother’s 10 year old, and you KNOW was told to make that call, poor kid . . . to him I’m just the lady cover in cat hair he sees twice a year who gives him books. I guess my brother was too gutless to make the call himself. All I wanted for my birthday is a plowman who DOESN’T have to be reminded to come to work.

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