I keep trying to write a Bullpen piece about removing mold from books, but I keep finding contradictory information. I will keep punching at it.

Enough messing about with that new year’s laundry list of resolutions, somewhere in the middle of the day I went on a diet. Not just because like most American’s I have a number of extra pounds to shed, I am just sick of being sick. Combining my very sedentary lifestyle with eating things at my desk with a spork, I am not healthy, I don’t feel right most of the time. You know it’s time when the only vegetables you have on hand are stuffed olives. Tote that barge, lift that bale, get a little dizzy and land in the E.R. I can just see them installing me in a bed next to Herself, I’d be slicing my wrist in no time.

Doesn’t help that I have been reading Michael Pollan again, Eat Food – Not Too Much – Mostly Plants. Perhaps we should start a pool and see how long this lasts.

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