worth hearing • Pulp Fiction Murdered Long Sentences NPR talks to Otto Penzler, editor of The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps

heavy lifting • the Cassie Edwards plagiarism scandal has hit the New York Times, if you are late to the party: a romance writer with many many notches under her belt has got her nether parts caught in a ringer. Many passages in her books have been found to be much too similar to their source material. The blog Smart Bitches who Love Trashy Books has been running a series of rectal exams on Ms Edwards books, Googling passages to find the source material.
To be fair Ms Edwards is guilty of much laziness, HOWEVER and I do mean HOW THE FUCK EVER, IMHO spotlighting anything less than a completely lifted whole sentence is piling on. I mean if each and every one of us is restricted to using nothing less than completely original phrase every time we leave the starting gate, the entirety of western media is going to come to a crashing halt. Who knew trashy romance novels needed footnotes?

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