worth reading • from the NYT, homeless bookscouts supplying the Strand with stock.

well worth reading • Book Patrol has reprinted Twelve Maxims for book collectors from 1901’s The Bibliophile. A Magazine and Review for the Collector, Student and General Reader.

naughty naughty • Ford Motor Car Company, who has a zillion zillion dollars to crush any opposition, says that you don’t own the rights to images of your own car. and NO I am not making that up or exaggerating.

obit of note • Bobby Fischer checks out, oh come on….that was funny.

creeping obsolescence • www.publicdomainreprints.org will take text from a public domain site, such as google books and send it to www.lulu.com to be printed. Now i have actually trundled on over to lulu lately to check on the printing costs….but unless a book is as hard to find as underwear in Paris Hilton’s wardrobe, the entire exercise is probably not very cost effective. Not to mention perfect bound POD books are for shite.

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