there’s a hole on my desk where my pc should be. pray tell me how anyone can run a business using the internet without a backup computer. If i did have a laptop i’d be having kittens…oh wait…i have kittens…i’d be having a panic attack…oh wait….

when i 1st got a laptop, i thought of it as a vanity, a new toy. but the last few years i use it as much as the desktop. aside from the data that is on the harddrive INSIDE the pc, i’m pretty functional without it. perhaps my next step is to move the necessary data to an external harddrive. and YES i do have a backup, whenever i upgrade my c: drive with a bigger drive, I use the old c: drive as a a d: drive and keep my databackups there. that way if m op system kills my c:drive, my data is safe. cept it is still IN my pc tower . . at the shop. So fat lot of good it does me there.

i have started keeping some files online, at places like, i can store a free gig there, so perhaps i need to start using it more. the only problem with using online storage is remembering to upload the new version, nothing as horrible as having two different versions of a file, makes them both kinda useless.

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