No, I’m no longer stuck in the house, I’m just here cause I got no where else to go. Sales are so far in the toilet, I need a snake to find them. As much as I like winter I’m ready for it to end now.

Herself should be coming home from rehab any day now, they never tell me until the last minute. I cleaned her fridge and shoveled her walk, I supposed I should do her food shopping beforehand but the lack of funds is pitiful. I will avoid doing it, perhaps himself will stick a crowbar in his wallet.

This lack of funds is complete depressing, in the literal sense not just figurative. I have X amount of money trickling in and I have X³ number of bills to pay. It seems I make enough money to EITHER buy more inventory OR pay the utilities not both. I am running out of major organs to sell on the black market.

One of the few ways I know I can save on expenditures is to go on a diet, if I consume less I will spend less right? Well, that’s my story and I am sticking to it. Being stuck in front of a PC twelve feet from a nicely humming refrigerator is not the best place to be when you are clothed in self pity. To make a game of it, I found a free online application which calculates your conspicuous consumption for you. For the first time in FOREVER, I miss working retail, where one would run flat out for 10 hours then come home and collapse. Back then filling your face with comfort food was justifiable, not just out of boredom. Yeah, I know it won’t last, but one has to try, right?

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