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Dick Francis’s 39th book Under Orders is due out this fall.
Joseph Waumbaugh’s new book Hollywood Station is also due this fall.

banktoaster typing speed tests, type the alphabet…my best time is 8.4 seconds

fighting back •
the Mexican author of a book about a rich serial pedophile presently jailed in the US and fighting extradition has been charged with libel in retaliation.

big fish/little fish • a Stanford University based text book exchange site (textopedia) has been bought out by a much larger company.

the P word •
even Putin has lifted text now and then.

event (MD) at Johns Hopkins :
“A Perfect Vision: The Rare Book Collection of William Holland Wilmer, an exhibition of works from a collection of more than 400 books on astronomy, medicine, optics and ophthalmology that have been out of public view for nearly three-quarters of a century, opened on April 1 and will run through June 30 at the George Peabody Library.”

events • mother load of Poetry related events are logged on the American Academy of Poets calendar. including a NYC reading from from a new anthology: The Poem That Changed America: “Howl” Fifty Years Later. i wish i was better at this internet stuff, i would give a body part to have a calendar like that for the bullpen.

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