worth hearing • from NPR style Dartmouth College has just published the text of some recently discovered recordings of Robert Frost lecturing at Dartmouth in the 1940s.

well worth hearing • from NPR’s On the Media – the Libel Terrorism Protection Act which is snaking its way through the New York state legislature. The bill aims to mitigate the impact of which undermines our First Amendment. That’s where folks can sue an American professor in an ENGLISH court over a book published IN AMERICA that says the son of a bitch financed terrorism.

worth reading • Book Patrol reports on “The Booksellers Provident Retreat, Abbott’s Langley, Herts, established 1843, is an asylum connected with the Booksellers’ Provident Institution, for aged booksellers and booksellers’ assistants, and their widows . . .(read more).”

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