I’m calling it a day right now. i was up till the we hours loading books on ebay trying to get the TO DO pigpile down to just a measly molehill; and was woken up by Himself with a lawyer in tow. he had decided the best way to get me to do what he wanted was to scream and threaten me for a half hour. granted we did need an equity line of credit to pay for Herself’s new living arrangements, but from what i have been told by those who know these things, there is usually a kitchen table involved in family decision making, not threats of litigious mayhem hurled through a screen door. beats me, all i know from normal is a cycle on my washing machine.

I already knew he despised me and wishes i would just go away. hell when i drop off presents for his kids I have to leave them in the garage. the nasty little fucker has learned some very bad habits from my mother; when she couldn’t get me to do what she wanted she resorted to screaming too and other things. It didn’t work for her either.

But i did sign, much against my better nature, after i had spoken to a very civilized and appalled looking the lawyer. of course i was made out as the bad guy again, since his coming out on his day off was a ‘favor’. I would have much rather done it at a bank where the screaming rampage would be seen as de classé. I get cast as the bad guy so often I should have a fucking mustache…oh wait…nevermind.

so, I am calling it a day, right now. I have three cents in the bank and everywhere I turn i am waiting for someone who owes me money. I have a few yummy books from the library and some ice tea – and damn it to hell that’s what i am gonna do for the rest of my damn day….after i finish entering some more ebay items. . . .

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