worth reading • The Boston Globe has a feature on Gregory Gibson of Ten Pound Island books and author of Hubert’s Freaks.

• and a shout out to Book Patrol’s Michael Lieberman for name dropping yours truly in one his Seattle Post Intelligencer columns. now I can die happy, if not wealthy.

super shopping • Christies got $2.2 million for a first edition of Copernicus that depicts the earth revolving around the sun, now if we can get some folks to READ this thing our civilization might get somewhere.

Obit of note • Tasha Tudor died this week at 92, obits everywhere, but here’s a nice feature in the NYTRB – not to sound callous, but I really thought she was already dead.

Originally uploaded by UI News Services.

blot of note • Scott Brown’s got more about the valiant rescue of the University of Iowa’s special collections from the rising river with pictures at Flickr.

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