worth reading • ira joel haber @ cinemagebooks has a blog post up a childhood bibliomemory.

worth reading Stephen Fry has blogged his review of his Iphone 3G, iphone be damned, he’s a smart funny man worth reading on any topic.

and while we are there The Vespiary Book Binding & Book Conservation blog by has posted about Fry’s marvellous video about the Gutenberg Press.

worth reading • don’t tase me bro blog is reporting on some small town pols in Michigan trying to shut down an anonymously published local newsletter. Smells like free speech to me, bub.

worth reading • Bookride has written a couple of lovely posts about where books come from.

well worth reading • Roger Ebert blogged about the recent demise of the show that he and Gene Siskel began 20 years ago.

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