Sulking, eating ice cream sandwiches, watching reruns and suffering the results of a hostile economy and a very slow summer. All bank accounts are echoing like a dry well. Unfortunately things are starting to pick up, I have orders coming in for products I am constantly running out of. I feel like a cat covering shit and believe me I KNOW what that’s i like. But the rescue group made a pretty decent discovery this week on that front – (don’t tell anyone, but the world’s best cat litter name brand which sells for a buck fifty a pound is ACTUALLY layer chicken feed which sells for thirty cents a pound) The rail trail project is in neutral until I find a few recruits who are NOT on the city payroll, though I did track down a particularly nice inexpensive bike rack, that my city will probably not want to pay for (the kind with a ring on a post). And every time my bike sees a mechanic, it comes back more messed with than it started. So screw the 20 pounds I just lost, most of it was probably stress related anyway. I wish i had chocolate jimmies for my ice cream sandwich.

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