Thanks Rebekah for your guest post, very informative and very reassuring to know that Ebay does not have absolutely everyone by the short and curlys.

For safety sake, I just spent the last week removing all of my personal property from the barn, the garage and most of the basement. Since I have been living here 35 plus years that was quite a bit. By the grace of freecycle and craigslist I have managed to dispose of everything I couldn’t bring myself to throw out. I still have all the repair products and the entire book inventory in a room in the basement, for which I will buy a deadbolt. It’s hard to squeeze everything back into a three room apartment. Himself is really putting the squeeze on me; he and his family have a mini-mansion with a three car garage and a pool house, I’d like to see them squeeze into a tenement just for a day. And yes I do have an appointment with a lawyer this week, however just because something isn’t legal doesn’t mean people stop doing it.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming, hopefully. I am still looking for a place to hide 7 (so far) bicycles – (I have taken up bike repair in hopes of not having another starvation summer) – think anyone would notice them in the living room?

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