i can’t breathe…..it’s a toss up between standing around at the al fresco auto mechanic or because i have been holding my breathe for the last 8 years. my chest was rattling almost as much as the truck engine. I tossed a 50 yr old bike in the back to make sure i could make it to vote if the prognosis was bad. after voting for my boy….i can say that right? and not sound racist?…..and indulging in some empty calories from the PTA bake table, all i had left to do was stand around stamping my feet waiting to get overcharged on a 6 inch section of radiator house. instead glutting on CNN for the rest of the day, all i managed was a very long nyquil nap. luckily i woke up in time, to enjoy the suspense and various indulgent network wonkiness.

it’s obvious where my heart lies, but seriously this is the president i have been waiting for my entire life. i was a child of Lyndon Johnson’s great society, when the government of the people made the elimination of poverty and of racial injustice a goal, and education and medical care were entreés on the table not indulgences. as much as i care about national security as the next guy i think if we stop treating the world like our personal cat box, perhaps we could can get demoted to ‘not so great satan’.

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