Thanksgiving was gloriously uneventful, a little reading, a little laundry, some overeating followed by a nap…. THAT’s an effing holiday in my book…..Now Black Friday on the other hand. I had sworn off participating in a national day of gluttony with a body count – but i did end up experiencing another national holiday activity, the trip to the emergency room. Four days ago, herself took a spill after a fire drill at the home. Today she was achy and insisted that they call me instead of an ambulance; she didn’t want anyone to make a fuss. Six hours sandwiched between the other elderly trip and falls and the screaming babies, listening to her recount a list of my personal failings. I stuck my nose in a book for as long as possible. In the end nothing was found.

worth reading • from the Guardian, the struggling booksellers of Paris.

well worth reading • Laura Miller has an on culling books from your collection in the Sunday NY Times Book Review.

worth hearing • From NPR – a Thanksgiving Tradition with Bailey White

well worth hearing • from NPR Jeff Martin talks about his new book The Customer is Always Wrong: The Retail Chronicles.

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