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No i haven’t weighed in on the Kindle – I don’t give a shit, and IMHO even discussing the damn thing is a waste of effort… Here’s a piece from the LA TIMES where Cynthia Ozick and Robert Lipsky flap their gums and get some press. read it – don’t read it. But don’t waste your time being distracted by shiny objects.

the thing costs what? 4 bills? and uses propreitary technology? WTF? who is so deluded they think this POS can revolutionize anything?

You know why CD’s took off as a replacement technology for analog media? because they were grotesquely cheap and could be played on one of a gazillion machines that cost about the price of a KFC bucket.

You know why CF, SD and a number of other memory ‘drives’ are replacing HARD DISC drives? cause they are grotesquely cheap and thousands of different machines take them.

I don’t care if this ugly ass machine drops to 100 dollars. who cares? do YOU want to spend money buying digital media that ONLY plays on a device you have worry about losing or leaving or dropping in the bathwater?

E BOOKS, Books, periodicals, ANY textural media will NEVER replaced WORDS PRINTED ON PAPER, until they are freely accessible on ANY DEVICE , ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

Printed BOOKS, and newspapers are accessible by anyone with EYEBALLS that work within a reasonable tolerance. And considering what these fuckers at Amazon have DONE to the printed page, the mass of books are practically worthess and obtainable for under 5 or 10 dollars. AND once you own it you can sell it or trade it or cut it up for paper dolls and no one is going to sue you for ‘damages’ which if you read the fine print will happen to you if you should GIVE or SELL your kindle and someone else reads your books.

sorry I didn’t mean to go there…. the Kindle and the Segway are for people with more money than brains. they may have a use, but it’s nothing you and I need worry about.

On the other hand – here’s is an opinion piece from William Powers in the LATIMES that is worth reading:

“You’ll get buzz, but you won’t get a real book. E-books are pitched as an
improvement over the older medium, but in many ways they’re a step backward. The traditional book isn’t just a container for content. It’s a brilliant machine
that interacts in very particular ways with the body and the mind. “

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