2 years on . . .

. . . and I am still just a crackpot with a keyboard. We haven’t had a report from the front in a long time because it seems, every bookseller worth his salt, has a blog of their own. And oddly I find that very comforting. I expect folks are reading other much more informative book blogs, meaning I can get away with much more self absorbed silliness.

For example the San Francisco Bookfair was held last weekend and I didn’t even remember.

Ian Kahn @ Lux Mentis blogged the entire thing , including his lovely trip to Serendipity books in Berkeley.

our friend Aurora Fox from Foxy Art Studio blog, also blogged the Fair from a paper person’s point of view, and came away with some amazing pictures.

and what they didn’t cover, Book Hunter’s Holiday blog did with some more yummy pictures.

new england is covered in 3 inches of SLUSH, herself is ringing my cell phone 4 and 5 times a day, and I lost 4 lbs, but that could have just been the lack of Red Bull.

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