idiot alert • a Missouri Reverend busy body has pulled books about President-elect Obama from shelves, because he doesn’t like Obama’s stance on abortion. By that logic, if you pulled books about people you don’t like or disagree with, it’s gonna leave damn few books.

blog of note
Rachel Jagareski has been posting to Forward Magazine’s Shelf Space Blog, The Personality of Used Books and Alcohol as Literary Muse? A Cautionary Review.

worth reading • from NYT Op-Ed Essay by Laura Miller “It’s A Narnia Christmas”

well worth reading • the Independent posted a retrospective on the legacy of Scrabble.

obit of note • in from Lux Mentis – Bruce Gventer is putting his New York bookfairs on hiatus. That’s s terrible shame.

worth reading • the New Online only version of Fine Books and Collections yields up not for the feint of heart. (via PhiloBiblos)

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