2008 – just like 2007 only more so

Welcome to the new year – buckle up.

Lucy Horton @Autumn Leaves sent us in this lovely image of what happens where people confuse BAG with BOX, yes they are both 3 letter words and start with a B but there the similarity ends.

Even a recycled box stuffed with newspaper is better than these freaking bags. Now personally I confess to using Jiffy bags, but never for anything valuable and even then I reinforce the item inside with loads of cardstock, so it’s like a box turned inside out.

Needless to say a box alone is not the end. Over the holiday I tried to replace my DVD player, and stupidly bought one from an eBayer with good feedback. Little did I know the AHOLE was gonna just toss the machine into a priority box. that’s it, nothing else! So basically I paid $40 for a box of DVD player PARTS. The vendor says I should have bought insurance and Paypal has denied my claim, because I said it was not as described. Pray tell me where I can buy insurance against ‘VENDOR IS AN ASS CLOWN?

Maybe it’s me…..is it me? is packing an item, any item against damage in transit so fucking difficult? You want a squishy layer to guard against bumps, a plastic layer to guard against water and a HARD layer to guard against pokes. That’s stuff even a FIVE year old can grasp.

Here are some rules of thumb on packing that i wrote in 06.

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