2008 New England Antiquarian Book Fair

I did managed to get out to the Book Fair in Concord, NH yesterday . . . remember the one I was supposed to exhibit at? From what I was told the booksellers had a ‘good’ day, which makes sense every booth had at least a few things I had never seen before. But judging by the folks as I chatted up and handed my flyers to, I doubt I would have had as good a day. Don’t get me wrong I love doing them, but as yet the book repair supply business is very much like going broke very slowly. I make too much money to STOP doing it, and not enough to live on. So, I spent my last 25 bucks printing product lists and mooched a ride from some friends and spent the day swapping stories with the boys in the band.
The weather was particularly gorgeous, no really…I mean weather flown in from some other part of the country. Peculiar thing is you can’t predict, sometimes it rains and you do well, other times it is sunny and you do well.
Remind me to make one of those for the Bullpen cafepress store.

And we caught up with Greg Gibson from Ten Pound Island correct galleys from whatever his next opus will be. I am still reading his most recent one.

I will post some more images later, i have to remember what they are of…..


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