I have been trying to get books entered all day. Aside from taking a few breaks to shovel out the tenants and sand the steep incline of the drive, resulting in a migraine and a nap, my biggest obstacle is cold. not that’ is all that COLD in my place, but when i sit for too long at the PC, my back and bones get achingly cold. I prefer working in the bedroom where i can burrow under the covers and only stick my hands out to reach the laptop. There my back is kept warm by pillows . Sitting at the desk I’m reduced to being swaddled in a blanket, if I had Bob Crachit gloves I’d probably wear them. I realize this chill can be traced to bad circulation around a fat old lady but that doesn’t overcome the problem of accessing the databases from the laptop; i haven’t finished converting to BookHound yet, but would enjoy it so muchmore if i wasn’t freezing my ass off.

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