bad book • WAPO has an extremely informative feature today “Protocols of Zion: The Life of a Fraud & Its True Believers” by Philip Kennicott – . . . .to read it you must find it, which isn’t hard, but should you pay for it? You can buy a copy on (“used and new from $14.90″), but that would require you to participate in the commercial circulation of an ugly book. Or you can download it for free at various Islamic and anti-Semitic Web sites and drive up their traffic while dropping your computer’s identifying cookie on Web pages you’d rather not be seen visiting. Either way, you’ll feel a little dirty afterward.”

slow book • Dan Brown’s as yet unnamed novel won’t be ready by the end of the year as originally expected. damn! and i have been WAITING for that with bated breath. not.

baby book • 6 year old Nigerian girl authors book. no comment, hey . . . .I could WRITE a book . . . I just don’t have anything to say. . . yet.

something new • In his book Bush on the Couch, Professor Justin Frank of the George Washington University has said that Bush is a paranoid schizophrenic and is a danger to the world because he actually believes he is all-powerful and beyond law. well DUH.

event • Illustrations from Goodnight Moon brought to life in an exhibit at the museum of the Rhode Island School of Design.

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