fucking hell it’s cold. no lie. it is NO degrees. none. zero. it’s so freaking cold, i am literally trying to coax MORE cats on my bed, if it is possible. but they are smarter than i am, they are all under the furniture next to the baseboards. I have been hold up in the house for a few days with a champion migraine, the kind that keeps you from driving, or typing or basically lifting your head off the pillow. and once it got below 5° outside, i had to get up and rearrange the bedroom. i brought in an electric heater to reinforce the heating. I have stopped shivering but there is a definite draft – 170 year old houses have those. usually through the window casements, but given a stiff enough breeze you will be surprised to find that cold is quite stealthy. i remember my 1st apartment, bundled on the floor in the kitchen while the pot roast bubbled away. there was actual frost on the window glass back then.

the rumor is that there is only another day or two of this shit, then hopefully it will go back to being a balmy 25 degrees. until then i will try not to move my head too much.

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