today was such a yo yo, ran around to several different vendors, managed to ship a bunch of orders, but not enough to clean my desk. Drawback to shipping in winter is worrying about items getting frozen in transit. So far only one item has been reported frozen. Thank karma for small favors, Eh.

worth reading • Jeremy gives us the heads up about Martha Washington’s new look, from the forensic anthropologists at the Louisiana State University Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services (FACES) Lab.

well worth reading • Dumb Little Man blog has a good post on Effective Ways to Back up Important data followed by the equally useful . Perhaps I should try using some of those tips.

Still trying to decided what’s the best method to reprint my book on book repair, it is getting grotesquely expensive to physically print them myself. I am leaning towards’s print on demand service, the prices look good and the best part is I won’t run out of copies.


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