worth hearing •Nigel Beale, host of the radio show The Biblio File, recently passed through the Twin Cities and interviewed booksellers Rob Rulon-Miller and Kathy Stransky co-owner of Midway Used and Rare Books. (via Book Patrol)

worth reading • the Photography is not a Crime blog has been keeping up with the false arrests and all the ensuing settlements that the NYPD has been involved in. The New York Times has been chronicling these farces, yet not on their front page as they should. There are no laws restricting photography on public places and subway trains are indeed public places, though it seems police departments across the country seem to think it is open season on photographers. At least in the UK they are open enough to try to legitimize their fascism. See War On Photography blog.

kudos • Jeremy reports that all 3,742 titles of Benjamin Franklin’s library is now entirely entered into Library Thing.

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