site to see • Duke Ellington will be on the back of the District of Columbia quarter.

cool tools • it’s only a matter of time before this little piece of FREE online Vector graphic software gets eaten by someone like..say GOOGLE. Now I just have to find someone time to play with it. I love new toys, especially when they are free.

worth seeing • if you are in the neighborhood. Four decades after its mysterious disappearance, and two years after it was recovered by the FBI, the original, hand-edited manuscript of Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth is about to go on display. Pearl S. Buck International will display the manuscript at Buck’s home in Perkasie, PA

worth seeing • if you are a different neighborhood, the UK’s National Trust aims to return Agatha Christie’s Devon home ‘Greenway’ to its 1950s heyday for visitors.

worth reading • Powell’s bookshop has reprinted Scott Sherman’s review from the Nation of the George Plimpton festshrift George, Being George: George Plimpton’s Life as Told, Admired, Deplored, and Envied by 200 Friends, Relatives, Lovers, Acquaintances, Rivals by Nelson Aldrich.

probably not worth reading • from the Guardian – Salman Rushdie who up till now I thought was a sensible man, has decided to publically dis Slumdog Millionaire because it has several unrealistic plot points…Unlrealistic plot points? in a MOVIE? say it ain’t so. (scuse me while I spit on my copy of Casablanca) Seems a silly thing to call a press conference about, wicked much ado about nothing. If grapes made a noise would they sound just as sour?

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