Now I know what a bobble head feels like…. my face swelled up a lot more since I mentioned it. I have spent the last few days downing antihistamines and sleeping with blue cold packs on my face. I am still redfaced and swollen, but I can see out of both eyes now…not enough to drive, but still. Timing couldn’t be better I suppose, the US Census has folded operations in my area, so my 8 week job turned into a 3 week job – must be the new government math. Just as well I have a bunch of chores i had set aside….like blogging – they just don’t pay as much.

site to see • James Pardey is building a superb archive of Penguin Science Fiction cover designs.

blog of note • Bibliodyssey had an especially good post last week.

site to see • from Boing Boing How To: Build Your Own Letterpress

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