Herself was back in and out of the hospital this weekend….no surprise there…well not for me. But ‘himself’ has a new trick, he’s now becoming unreachable – not that I would try to call him, but instead the home and hospital are calling me. Which in itself is surprising. Since he put his name on everything within easy reach, I have been cut out of my mother’s medical circle, can only provide a lot of blank looks and speculation. which I hate…medical personnel marks your careless and indifferent when you aren’t ‘in the loop’ on your parent’s medical status. Folks should realize that HIPA allows certain family members to keep others out in the cold, regardless of their level of concern. So you end up in the middle of the night with a confused patient and no answers because some sonuvabitch doesn’t feel like answering his phone and leaving his nice cozy mcmansion. If I start the week like this..i will never last.

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