wtf?- Textbook Fees Frustrate Parents. “Indiana is one of just three states in which parents of public school students pay textbook rental fees, which typically run from about $100 to $400 each year, depending on the school district. . . . textbook rentals for high school students cost up to $400 a year.” “How are we supposed to pay for that? We don’t even get to keep them,” said one high school student. “It’s just really unfair.”

What the hell, what nimrod thought THIS was a good idea. So it makes it fair for people without kids, who gives a shit?, i pay for plenty of roads I don’t drive on and buildings and bridges I will never see. It’s part of belonging to a society, you cheapass bastards. And why do i get the feeling this would NOT hold up constitutionally. What do you do if you can’t afford paying a few hundred dollars for each child’s textbooks? do they sit in study hall all day? do they share? do they stay home? If an American child is entitled to an education, more or less equal to their peers, how does this NOT descriminate against the POOR? where the HELL is the ACLU?

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