Finding OZ

site to see • Binder Richard Minsky has a new blog well worth reading Art of American Book Covers…if there was such a thing as BiblioPorn this is it.

worth reading • Bon Appetit magazine’s feature on Portland, Maine makes mention of Rabelais Books “…has become the town square for Portland’s food community.” Rabelais must have missed a meeting, because last I checked all independent bookstores were coughing up blood. They certainly aren’t supposed to become any sort of foodie Mecca…what the hell goes on in Portland..don’t they know we decided to kill the book trade! we voted on it! sheesh.

worth hearing • NPR’s On Point has the author of Finding OZ, the new book on Frank L Baum, Evan Zchwartz.

well worth reading • from the Consumerist Textbooks Publishers Using “Packets” To Fight Used Book Market, as much as I understand publishing and the pressures on the industry, the costs, and the everyone else – I left college with a serious distaste in my mouth for text book publishers and they have never done anything to make me think anything better of them. They are greedy corporations who should be ashamed of themselves.

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