Dark and Stormy

skull_and_crossbonesDear gentle readers….don’t fuck around with Drano® it has no balls.
The bottle of ‘guaranteed’ Max caused the double sink full of dish water to merely drain away deceiving me into filling it with more water. Which caused me to waste more money on more Drano. After another 20 minutes with the plumbers helper I went out and came back with the scariest bottle I could find, it has skull and cross bones 1″ tall. I poured it in and waited and waited…and then JUST as I contemplated another dose, it suddenly all went down the drain like it’s supposed to. That was probably the most satisfying thing i did all day. I poured myself a Kraken Rum/Ginger Beer – Dark and Stormy cocktail and all the strain of the day went down the drain like it’s supposed to.

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