These are some of my quieter pets. What I like about them is that they are silent, pretty and require almost no attention. Once I set up the tank properly and put plate shelf glass on the top,ignore them and the damn things grow like topsy. Contrary to what you have been told, Carnivorous plants don’t NEED to be feed insects. They survive nicely without being fed. The Nepethes which are kinda viny have a habit of growing too big for the tank and ever year or so need some adjusting, the Sarracenia grow in fat clusters and need to be divided now and then. I like wierd plants, but I have cats…they don’t do well together….the leaves get nibbled, the dirt gets dug out looking for what? buried treasure. But they are safe inside an enclosed tank. The trick with a terrariaum is that it’s VERY moist and has all one weather. So as much as i would LIKE to, I can’t toss in any Native Dionaea muscipula (Venus Fly Traps) as they don’t like THAT much moisture. I keep meaning to start a second tank for American Carnivores such as Dionaea and some of the taller Sarracenias, I have one right underneath this big one, but right now it’s full of sickly African Violets…i never could manage to keep those alive.

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