back again. not sick- just surprisingly busy.
my boss brought me actual work to do.
so that meant i had to finish up all my other work so i could do it.
i realized i had to adjust 115 pages of a manuscript 1/8″ to the right because the proof copy wasn’t centered. yes i’m a dope.

now i am in the middle of cataloging hundreds of signed photographs, authors, artists etc…
some of which i don’t recognize so i am guessing here.

OHMIGODDDDDDDD!! i just touched a signed photo of John Tesh!!! I think my hands have leprosy! i may die….

i got at least 4 books in the mail this week i wanna read, as well as a few videos..
but i need to juggle blogs and actual ‘work’ i really hate this working for a living shit.
actually no…i hate this working for other people for a living stuff.

any suggestions?
maybe i will start an advice to the love lorn column.

“my boy friend is cheating on me what should i do?”
step 1. buy an aluminum baseball bat.
step 2. wherein we meet mr kneecap.

think i have a future?

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  1. Colonel Colonel March 2, 2006 at 8:14 am #

    Why not “cut” right to the chase and advise her to “fix” the problem with a pair of large sewing shears?

    Baseball bats to the knees are satisfying but will not “sever” the problem at its source…

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