I wanted to put this on the bullpen, but i pussied out.

I saw a great film, which I cannot recommend. Well I could but I wouldn’t except to a few very special people and they know who they are ….it’s not as much a great documentary as an anthropology trip through the world of professional comedians and a tour de France of the 1st Amendment. The Aristocrats which is a biography of sorts of a terrible joke..a free form joke that no one (cept Gilbert Gottfried) would ever tell in public. It has a predefined start and end and in the middle comedians challenge each other to insert the most jaw dropping, stomach turning, physics defying sexual antics. It is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. HOWEVER as an exercise in film it was amazing. 100 people telling the same bad joke in 100 different ways is a remarkable feat. Thankfully this is a joke we can go through our entire lives and never hear and not miss.

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