i keep thinking of all the cool shit I could be writing about at the end of the day…my friend marian just turned 95 or my mother who is insanely passive agressive one of my uncles died and she didnt tell me until until it was to late to go to the services, i would love to add more recipes to sololife website…..etc….
but at the end of the day, i hardly have any enthusiasm for much..i have about 15 books from the library I REALLY want to take a glance at…even if it’s only to determine if i want to buy them. But i am too fucking tired.
i get my work done, i get the bullpen done. i get all the animals fed and keep my life down to a dull roar i should be greatful.
but i’m not i WANT TO DO SOME CREATIVE writing…
i certainly do a SHIT LOAD of thinking about writing creatively…mostly while sitting in the car commuting. I’m envious of novelists, but I just don’t have fiction in me. mostly I’m a humorist and i write about observational stuff. That’s my forté so i shouldn’t fight it.
I am having urges to write profiles of people i have met in my life…but i just have to find time and energy….hmm..do people still do anphetimines? i should probably invest in some.
the 5 hours i take out of the day to sleep are totally wasted.

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