27 hour vacation

This was the only image i took last weekend. terrible i know, i was actually carrying two cameras and an iphone…but the 1st thing i did was turn it off and i took this one the next morning when the sun came up and i was looking at the time. i was gone about 27 hours…i didn’t take one of the dogs, so i had to come back and feed her…and by that one of the cats had pushed a gargoyle off the mantle, and the kittens had dumped out the water in their cage. I am making plans to go again next weekend for 48 hours. At least that’s the plan… I will take both dogs…still have the chihuahua…who REALLY didn’t like getting wet in the lake…and i need to make sure no one is left in cages. the two juvenile kittens are going to a foster home, the one Boarding cat left in a cage was let out…she went back in the cage immediately..she likes her own food water and litter boxes go figure.

I have two kittens rescued on Friday, really little ones, this is CORKY, her tail is short and curled like a corkscrew. I still have to trap her sister and her mother…i locked them in the garage, adding food and water every day..the kitten in the garage is too small to set off the trap by herself. hopefully by the end of the week she will have gained enough weight to be trapped. Then mama and kittens will either have to go to a foster home…or …. come with me. i will see what happens, mama was very hostile when i trapper her the 1st time, if she’s nice, i can actually get another group to take all four. The dilute calico kitten and the mom have no tails. very cute.


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