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distopia watch • the FBI acknowledges that it is having no difficulty under the present regime obtaining journalist phone records.

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NPR’s Fresh air has a really interesting interview with Neil Asher Silberman who tests the historical accuracy of some of the Bible’s oldest stories in a book he co-authored with Israel Finkelstein, David and Solomon.

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Tyler Cowen mulls the death of independent bookstores on Slate with “What Are Independent Bookstores Really Good For? Not much.” and reviews Laura J. Miller’s Reluctant Capitalists: Bookselling and the Culture of Consumption.

cookies • Alan Bennett’s History Boys’ scoops New York critics’ awards

sites worth seeing • Seven Roads gallery has an exquisite collection of Book shop labels, one of those trade conventions that has sadly gone by wayside. Book shop labels are tiny and are generally found inside the front cover at the bottom near the hinge.

via June Samaras @ Kalamos Books.

new home • University of South Carolina’s Thomas Cooper library is getting more room for its growing collection of political papers, rare books and manuscripts.
more is better • Be sure to check out some more bookshop labels at Sarah’s Book’s Blog.

water water everywhere • for people who are wondering . . . I am very lucky, I live on a hill. Methuen’s Spicket River has as yet, only overflowed its banks in a few low spots. I’d guess it’s about 15 feet higher than normal. The police haev all the good spots cordoned off.
There are more people downtown right now watching it than there usually is for a parade.The I loaded the few pictures I could get here.


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