I see London. I see France. I see the Undergarments of the Marie Antoinette, the Beheaded Queen of France.

Yes we do have it. It’s finally here. The action figure you’ve been waiting for. An ejecting head Marie Antoinette Action Figure!!

Here’s a little history lesson for those not up to snuff with the French Revolution:

Marie Antoinette’s reign as the Queen of France was clouded in controversy. Her extravagant lifestyle led many to believe that she was not worthy of the throne and eventually she became widely despised as the epitome of incompetence and frivolity within the French royalty.

During the French Revolution, Marie was stripped of her crown, imprisoned and
beheaded by guillotine in front of a cheering crowd. Tough crowd they had back then.

The Marie Antoinette Action Figure Specifications:

– 5-1/2″ (14 cm) tall
– Made of hard vinyl figure
– Features “Ejector Head Action”
– Marie Antoinette also includes a removable plastic wig and dress, what else could you expect from a French Queen?

Behead and disrobe the Marie Antoinette Action Figure for only $9.95!

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