i dunno i’m on a foodie kick right now…all those weeks of being sick made for a terrific diet, but right now i am back to my old ways of substituting food for sex….and for a lot of other things.
there is just no way to cook beefsteak in my kitchen without ruining the meat. so, every year i buy one of these $20 gas grills and then throw it away at the end of the season. They really aren’t worth cleaning, between the easy off and the brillo pads you can easily spend 10 bucks and it will still rust before next year. Now i can take advantage of any sales on good pieces of meat. grilled veggies don’t do much for me. they are never done perfectly. peppers and onions i sautéand corn on the cob i microwave in the husk. hmmm..i just got hungry again…..

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