Thieves nab head, leave earrings behind
Fri Apr 28, 2006 8:56am ET9 Reuters

TORONTO (Reuters) – A distraught Canadian family is offering a reward for the return of their mother’s head, hacked from her body in a funeral home a year ago by thieves who left cash, and her earrings behind.

Canadian newspapers reported Thursday someone broke into a funeral parlor in Longueuil, Quebec in July last year, where the body of Cecile Lemay was awaiting burial.

The thief or thieves made off with the 68-year-old’s head, but left her earrings and a cash charity donation behind.

“Each morning, when we get up, we ask ourselves: ‘Where is the head? Will it show up on our lawn one morning?’,” the Globe and Mail newspaper quoted Lemay’s sister Carmelle as saying.

The family is offering a reward of C$10,000 ($8,900) for information leading to the return of the stolen head or to the arrest of those responsible.

“We think about it each day. We can’t find closure and we want to know who did it and why,” another of Lemay’s sisters, Ghyslaine, said.

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