New York Times omits Colbert at correspondents’ dinner

Published: Monday May 1, 2006

The New York Times‘ article Monday on the White House correspondent’s dinner failed to include any mention of Stephen Colbert, the deadpan host of Comedy Central’s Colbert report, RAW STORY has found.

In fact, the paper didn’t mention the comic’s appearance at the dinner at all. The discovery was first made by a diarist at Daily Kos.

According to Editor & Publisher, the comic’s jokes left the President and First Lady unamused. The press, reports said, reacted uncomfortably to the stinging humorous attacks on the press and the Administration.

“Colbert, who spoke in the guise of his talk-show character, who ostensibly supports the president strongly, urged Bush to ignore his low approval ratings, saying they were based on reality, ‘and reality has a well-known liberal bias,'” wrote Editor & Publisher’s Joe Strupp, who was at the dinner.

“He attacked those in the press who claim that the shake-up at the White House was merely re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic,” Strupp added. “‘This administration is soaring, not sinking,” he said. “If anything, they are re-arranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg.'”



From Daily Kos

Media blackout on Colbert performance?

Sun Apr 30, 2006 at 10:29:09 PM PDT

The New York Times has a piece on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner – with no mention at all of Steven Colbert’s performance. Add that to the lame coverage of Colbert so far and C-Span taking it out of the rebroadcast, and I think we’re on to a media blackout. Clearly, when someone offends both the President AND the mainstream media, it cannot stand.

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