Okay I finally get to sit down and swill booze after 48 really sucky contiguous hours.

I’ve kinda blocked out everything but the highpoints But they involved a 112″ drapery rod which was 4″ too short and hence I had to buy ANOTHER drapery rod and have it with a pipe cutter and some epoxy. Since there’s no returning any of these things now, I am kinda commited to making a LOT of curtains this summer.

But the BEST part…the absolutely BEST part was the “my mother’s car fiasco”.

As you know my mum can’t drive perhaps forever…so her grand am has been sitting for 3+ weeks.. And after a few days of fiddling I got it started – I figured it was condensation screwing with the fuel injection. . . It was running pretty good, so I planned to drive it to work once a week to keep it in tune. Fool I am.
It made it to brookline just dandy…a few hours later it left brookline and after trying to find a parking place in Cambridge (yeah I know..i wasn’t thinking straight)I gave up and while I was trying to get back on the SouthEast Expressway, the car decided to die suddenly in Somerville in a pitch dark underpass. Just stop with no warning. No power, no nothing. And you know what that means…..bad alternator..bad evil alternator. Nothing to do but get it towed home. (30 miles) I got it moving enough to drift thru an intersection and into a U-haul parking lot.
NOW it gets worse.

NOTE TO SELF: All AAA’s are not the same.

I speed dialed AAA-merrimack valley who transferred me to AAA-Southern New England, who supposedly covered Somerville. From that point on it was a series of phone calls every 20 minutes where they promised a tow truck in ’20 minutes’ and I’d wait Then call, then get put on hold, then hang up and call back and ask for a supervisor etc… This went on for TWO FREAKING HOURS! NO LIE!

At the 2 hour mark…of mind you SITTING IN A 90° DEGREE VEHICLE WITH NO ELECTRICALS (no fan, no radio, no a/c) I called AAA-merrimack valley who indeed SENT A TOW TRUCK in 15 minutes and towed me home (well by this time I was pitiable..i was hot, tired, thirsty, pissy and in tears) Total time from leaving Brookline to reentering Methuen (35 miles) 4 hours 30 minutes.

Since then I have felt completely hung-over and fed up…no offense folks i really don’t like humans very much. Ya gotta admit, pets don’t lie.

This plum wine isn’t half bad.

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