I snuck out and saw Clerks 2 today…..and I can’t remember when I laughed so hard or so much I mean crying laughing, knee slapping – hyperventilating laughing

For those of you who don’t keep up with such things, there was a bit of a media brouhaha recently when ersatz movie critic Joel Siegel got up and walked out of the preview somewhere in the 2nd reel. And not only did he walk out but he stood up in a theater filled with other reviewers and made a proclimation that he was walking out and why. Apparently he was offended by references to a sex act with a donkey obviously he’s never seen Tom Hank’s Bachelor Party (1984) And don’t get me wrong, this movie has something to offend EVERYONE, as a matter of fact if something in the film doesn’t offend you are probably defective in some manner. It is constructed of some of the raunchiest, dirtiest humor since last years ‘the Aristocrat’s’ documentary/mockumentary, which apparently
Mr siegel didn’t see either. But it IS funny and literate and probably has the best script of any filmed released this year.

If you haven’t seen Clerks 1 from 1994, you probably should, cause Clerks II is Clerks 1 on pcp laced steriods. Anyway to get back to my story, Kevin Smith the writer/director/editor/star went on the offensive about Mr Siegels bad behavior. It is accepted that Mr Siegel has the right to shred Mr Smith’s film in print, but he is PAID to WATCH MOVIES, so walking out is arbitrary but making a show of it and drawing attention to himself WHILE STILL IN THE THEATER is totally childish and unprofessional.

Not only is the internet afire with blogging about this tantrum, but a radio show called Opie and Andy had Kevin Smith as a guest and CALLED Mr Siegel on the phone – Mr Siegel went on unapologetically for about 30 minutes justifying his childish antics, oblivious to the fact that he was ACTUALLY TALKING TO THE DIRECTOR OF THE FILM. Apprently Joel Siegel is off his meds, gone round the bend or completely forgotten that he is a CRITIC NOT A DIVA.

Long story short – it is so rare that a movie makes me laugh so hard soda comes out my nose, this one did. If you aren’t easily offended by chracters talking about things that I can’t even print here – you may like this.

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