mating rituals • Harper Collins has made a deal with Fox to let them loot and pillage its backlist to feed the vermicious knid that is television.


bank toaster • Ywriter Freeware program that helps you plan out and organize your next great novel, breaking the necessary structuring of a story into small, manageable tasks.

btw • Hunt for origin of HIV pandemic ends at chimpanzee colony in Cameroon

Last night the Grand Poohbah of the Bibliophile Mailing List told me to take a day off…so I dropped everything and did. However I ended up running errands flat out for my mother and grandmother, so well rested I am not. Thanks Poohbah.

< --btw that's felix sucking his thumb while resting himself on my hand.

Obit worth reading • Thomas Schlientz at 76, manager at John K. King Used & Rare Books in downtown Detroit, Book expert was also master of spoken word. Just what we need, one less bookman in the world.

cookies • Baghdad Burning, a blog by an anonymous 26-year-old in Iraq among the contenders for the £30,000 BBC4 Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction next month

archaeology • For the first time Cambridge University is set to reveal that the 170,000 books and papers previously consigned to the tower for being too populist and lowbrow to be of academic interest contain unique literary gems.

essay worth reading • Michael Kimmel gives great

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